Frequently Asked Questions


What does FIXdaBOX do?

 It covers up existing corner damage on game and puzzle boxes and gives your box renewed support. For newer boxes, it will keep your box in great shape from the start, by absorbing more of the pressure of normal wear and tear and use so that corners don’t split and break as easily. 

What type of game or puzzle box does FIXdaBOX work on?

FIXdaBOX works on 2-part boxes with a separate top lid that closes over the bottom storage area. The pieces clip on to the Top Lid. 

Is it hard to put on? Can it be removed?

FIXdaBOX is designed for a tight fit to provide ultimate protection, as well as to still allow your box lid to close properly - even with all 4 corners covered. Consequently, pushing the cardboard Lid edge into the 2 grooves on the bottom 'Base' piece, can be  tight. For best results, we suggest using your nails (or a match, guitar pick or paper clip) to open the grooves slightly to better fit the cardboard edge inside. After initial use, these grooves will become less stiff.

FIXdaBOX can be removed from your Box Lid. Carefully pull the pieces away from the box to dislodge the Corner piece from the bottom 'Base' piece. Try not to use excessive force though, as the pieces may break if excessive force is applied. 

When I measure my Box Lid, it falls on the border between 2 sizes. What size should I choose?

If your Box Lid measurement falls at the end of one size range and the start of another, we recommend you choose the larger size. The fit will most likely be tighter and more secure on your lid. This is because the 'spine' of the top Corner piece will extend further into the bottom or 'Base' piece.

Will your Sizes properly fit my box? What is the Penny Test?

Our current  models fits puzzle boxes, classic games and newer games. Some newer board game boxes may be made from cardboard that is thicker than average. This will mean that the bottom Fixdabox 'Base' piece  will not fit completely over the bottom of your cardboard lid and there will be a slight overhang of the plastic that can scratch your bottom storage box as your lid is lifted on and off. It will also mean the fit is tighter and taking the lid off may be a little harder to do. (If you are really struggling to get the 'Base' piece on to the lid, this could be a sure sign the cardboard is too thick for it.)  In these cases, we recommend our Fixdabox "Gamer Edition" which will be available in mid-2020 and can accommodate thicker cardboard boxes. To determine if your box will be too thick for our Regular Fixdabox sets, we recommend using the "Penny Test." Hold a penny against your Box Lid edge. If the penny is approximately the same width or more than your Box Lid width, our Regular Fixdabox sets will fit. If your Box Lid width is wider than the width of the penny, your box will need the Fixdabox Gamer Edition. Please contact us if you are not sure so we can help ensure your box gets the right fit!

What is FIXdaBOX made from? Can it break?

FIXdaBOX is made from PC (polycarbonate) plastic which is an extremely strong and durable plastic. FIXdaBOX does not contain lead and PC does not contain BPA or phthalate. 

FIXdaBOX may break into smaller pieces if unnecessary force is applied-either accidentally or deliberately. Small pieces of any material can pose a choking risk to young children.

Will I see the text or graphics on my Box Lid that the piece is covering?

FIXdaBOX is made from a transparent plastic as opposed to a hard, solid plastic, so it is possible to see text or graphics behind the area that the piece is covering. However, if this is especially important to you, we suggest you select the 'Clear' color option. This is completely transparent and will give you the best visibility of any images behind the piece. 

What is your Return Policy?

FIXdaBOX may be returned, exchanged or refunded within 30 days of purchase. Return shipping fees may apply. Please contact us for further assistance.